Short story:

I'm Trotter, a 21-year-old, African-American, self-taught visual artist. I was born in Detroit, Michigan but now I'm based in Los Angeles, California.

When I'm not shooting, I'm usually indulging in some good ole potatoes. Scallop, seared, au gratin you name it.

You may view a recent interview with Dazed Magazine here.

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Long story:

When I was young, I gravitated towards things that would distract me from the challenges growing up in inner city Detroit. My main focus was photography - which allowed me to document people and occurrences and connected me to that moment, person, and time. This cemented the idea of building art that yields a personal diary.I’m inspired to create because documenting others’ stories reveals my own. It’s challenging to tell a story that I can’t relate to, so I aim to capture moments that have an underlying, current theme in my life. As I shoot, I increasingly learn about myself via my subject.


My imagery represents a piece of my personality across people I’ve photographed. As mentioned before there is at least one thing in each moment captured that connects with my past, present and desires. I think my work represents the connection between individuals. We all come from different walks of life and upbringings, yet we can co-exist and grow together - there is something in each of us that relates to the other, I use photography to manifest this ideal.


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